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Integrating Sound and Music: Kuro

Kuro is the spell-binding new film by Joji Koyama and Tujiko Noriko, which premiered at Slamdance this year.

We really enjoyed working on the sound design and the music cues in collaboration with the Directors, helping to shape a narrative experience for the sound that stands apart from, but compliments the film itself.

“..there are a couple of titles with a lot of buzz… but it’s hard to imagine that either of those would be as daring or inventive as Joji Koyama and Tujiko Noriko’s Kuro.” – Josh Cabrita, Sundance Review for MUBI.

“a new angle of filmic storytelling.” – Drea Clark, Moviemaker

“..a singular and impressively accomplished work of art.” – Christopher Bourne, Screen Anarchy

Watch the trailer after the jump..

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Unveiling Hyperloop One

Hyperloop One is the realisation of Elon Musk’s groundbreaking pneumatic tube transportation technology, allowing passengers to travel faster than the speed of sound.

We were comissioned to write some suitably futuristic music & SFX for Squint/Opera’s film that visualises BIG Architects‘ designs. Listen out for some Buchla-esque complex oscilator modulations juxtaposed with a humerous aside of ‘muzak’ that no futuristic vision should be without.

360 Film for Bjarke Ingels Group: Via 57 West

Bjarke Ingels explains the concept behind the world’s first ‘Courtscraper’, Via 57 West, the tetrahedron-shaped Manhattan apartment tower by BIG.

Shot on location in New York, we collaborated with Squint/Opera to explore some of the possibilities of CG and spatial audio for 360 video. The final film was delivered via Youtube 360 and Google Daydream.

Shooting Ourselves: The Soundtrack

O ur latest feature film soundtrack project has taken us on an exploration of the international arms trade. Shooting Ourselves is the fascinating new documentary by Christine Cynn (co-director of award-winning The Act of Killing). Filmed entirely on the set of participatory theatre piece by Rimini ProtokollSituation Rooms this new film continues the exploration of performance and violence begun in The Act of Killing and features a rare ensemble of people whose lives are intimately connected to weapons. From a former child soldier from D.R. of Congo, to a munitions factory worker in Switzerland, to a former Israeli sniper, to a hacker from the U.S.

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Series 2 of Messy Goes to Okido Announced

We are thrilled that Messy Goes to Okido has been picked up for a second series by BBC channel CBeebies!

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Sound and Vision: Nike YO’HOOD Shangai

We had a lot of fun with our ever expanding modular synth, shredding some footwear inspired sound in recent collaboration with Rosie Lee and squint/opera for Nike at YO’HOOD Shanghai, a series of animations celebrating the iconic original Waffle Racer to the 2016 Air Mag.

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Coda to Coda wins MAS Awards 2016 for Messy Goes to Okido

These two hunks have pride of place atop the vinyl!! We bagged both UK and International MAS Awards for Best Sound Design for TV. Big thanks to the MASA team for your recognition and support. Big shout out to Will, Sam, Steve, Aaron and Joe who concocted and recorded a whole new universe of sound and music for all 52 episodes of CBeebies series Messy Goes to Okido, a fun science-adventure animation series for children made by Doodle Productions.

“Their work has been outstanding and never compromised by tight deadlines. They’ve been a great partner in defining and creating the sonic identity of the entire series. We are looking forward to working with them on future productions.” – Jules Coke, C.E.O. Doodle Productions

Messy and Friends

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Making CHORUS with Matthew Herbert

We were commissioned to interpret Matthew Herbert’s creative response to the Wellcome Collection’s This is A Voice brief to investigate the spectrum of the human voice.

Matthew Herbert’s CHORUS is an installation piece in which visitors record their voice, their recording then joins a larger chorus comprised of previous visitors’ recordings. Each day the chorus grows as more visitors contribute to it. Approximately 20,000 people participated in the London leg of the project.

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Scoring Abraham Cruzvillegas’ Empty Lot for Tate Modern

Tate Modern asked us to score their short documentary about their Turbine Hall commission by Mexican artist Abraham Cruzvillegas: Empty Lot.

Shot by Martin Hampton over several months during the development of the commission, the film gives us a behind the scenes look at Cruzvillegas’ artistic process, whilst the protraits of the finished work on the eve of the opening allow for some detailed musical moments that play on the anticipation and hope encapsulated by the piece.

Meet The Team

From left to right, Tanya Auclair, Will Worsley and Sam Britton make up the core team at Coda to Coda, they are often ably assisted by freelance composers, sound designers and mix engineers Steve Bond, Aaron May & Joe Richardson.

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